Outreach and Awareness

Jenny's partnered with community leaders to bring awareness to the social injustice and systemic racism that black people face day to day. On Saturday, June 13th, community leaders along with Jenny team members passed out 5000 "I can't breathe" T-shirts to members of our community in order to create awareness of this issue. Jenny's also announced their contributions to the Black Lives Matter movement by investing in the movement as well as the local communities of Dallas, Arlington, and Fort-Worth. 

The contributions made were: 

  • $50,000 in community relief projects 
  • $2,000 to local food pantries
  • $2,000 to peaceful protest rallies for awareness of systemic racism
  • $2,000 to NAACP education funds
  • $1,000 to peaceful protest bailout funds
  • $500 to Thurgood Marshall education fund